As a full-service firm, CHRE provides integrated, custom solutions designed to enhance business performance for small to mid-size companies working with our clients to understand their company and culture first, and then recommends a strategy with reaching YOUR Goal in mind. Our solutions and our team are flexible, scalable and responsive to your unique challenges. We partner to identify immediate needs, learn organizational objectives, and then develop a plan of action to facilitate change that will lead to ultimate success such as:

Affirmative Action Plans

Candidate Selection Assessments, Direct Hiring & Retention Planning

Business Consulting and Succession Planning

Compliance Audits

Culture Studies

Employee Onboarding Orientation, and Workforce Development Programs

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Audits

HR Effectiveness Audits

HR Team Transformations and Coaching

HR Technology Analysis

Internal Job Evaluations and External Job Postings

Audit and Creation of Job Descriptions

Leadership Team Assessments and Training

Employee Surveys

Union Contract review and Consulting on Grievance, Mediations and Arbitration Preparation

Policies and Procedures and Employee Handbook creation

Project Management and Administrative Tasks (mailings, scheduling, and various business consulting as we were formerly VIP Fortune 500 Consulting Firm prior to expanding and growing).

Financial /Credit Consulting

Nonprofit Grant Consulting